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Delivery and Shipping


We will gladly deliver and assemble the beds within the UK. Please check our UK Website for more details.


We aim to provide you with more accurate information in the future on shipping abroad, but please email us if you would like us to obtain a quote.

Prices will vary on volume (not weight), so fully panelled wide beds will be more expensive than a small pencil bed.

We have your bed expertly wrapped by the shippers, who then transport it to you through land and sea, providing a service that delivers to your door without a scratch!

Quotes we obtain are for a door-to-door service,with export wrapping and insurance. Where possible customs clearance and certain taxes are also included within the quote. We then provide you with the best quote from a chosen selection of shippers. To show that we don't aim to profit, we ask that you pay the shippers directly.

Why not look at our shippers website to get some more information and to see what their customer's thought too:

Robinson's International (Int., good links with US)
Simon Hall (Int.)
Hedleys Humpers (Europe)
McGimpseys (Ireland)

Alternatively if you have shippers you are happy with using, we can provide all necessary details to them, and they can provide you with a quote.

We recommend you contact Customs within your country to ascertain what taxes, if any will be applicable. It this is finalised before shipping then when the furniture does arrive in port you will be able to quickly make payment; this should shorten the amount of time the goods 'stood' in port, and so reduce any risk of moisture affecting the wood.

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All items are handmade to order in the UK - We can arrange worldwide delivery of our four poster beds & furniture to your home

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